Drink absinthe.  Go mad.

Drink absinthe. Go mad.

Poor Gaston Beauvais! When his fiancée falls for another man, he tries to drown his sorrows in absinthe, the sinister green alcoholic beverage with a reputation for making people crazy. But Gaston’s troubles have only begun, because now he’s haunted by the Green Fairy (the spirit of absinthe), who’s always urging him to do exactly the wrong thing. And soon the dead bodies start to pile up…

Based on the novel by Marie Corelli
Adapted and directed by Steve Schroer

Ricky Carlson, Shad Cooper, Joey Ford, Kristin Foster, Phil Henry, Katharine Moeller, & Bethany Simmons

Stage Managed by Deb Ervin
Costume Design by Sara Wilcox
Set Design by John Adler
Masks by Marit Geston
Original Music by Ricky Carlson and Steve Schroer
Graphic Design by Ryan Ripley

“It’s a little nerdy, and a lot of fun”

– Jay Gabler, TC Daily Planet

“Witty, inventive, and crackling with humor”
– Quinton Skinner, City Pages

“A tight little show – stripped down but inventive technically”
– Janet Preus, HowWasTheShow.com

May 6 – May 21, 2010

The Bryant-Lake Bowl

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