The Dark Side of the Brothers Grimm

Walt Disney would not approve.

The Dark Side of the Brothers Grimm takes you back to the older versions of the stories, before they were edited to remove the more disturbing material. If you like your fairy tales with a little sex and violence, if you revel in twisted psychology and senseless catastrophe, this is the show for you. Featuring new adaptations of a couple of familiar stories, as well as several that most audience members will find less familiar. Not recommended for children.

Created by Mark Jensen, Victoria Pyan, Ryan HillNaysan Mogjani, Ryan Ripley, Steve Schroer and Joshua & Joseph Scrimshaw

Dave Gangler, Hans Hauge, Laurel Orman, Kristin Richardson, Arnie Roos, Nathaniel Churchill, and Jane Schrantz

Stage Managed by Lydia Bolder
Costume Designs by Amanda Schnabel

October 11 – October 28, 2007

The Bryant-Lake Bowl