London After Midnight

Victorian Tales of Crime and the Supernatural

London After Midnightis a unique blend of horror, comedy, historical trivia, and good old-fashioned story-telling. Pulp fiction mingles with history in this lurid 19th Century soap opera in five parts. It’s almost certainly the only serial play in the history of Twin Cities theater.

Created by Steve Schroer, Mark Jensen, Shanan Wexler and John Carl Heimbuch

Episode One: The Dead Are Not in Their Graves (Fall 2005)
Episode Two: The Kiss that Brings the Sharp Teeth Near (Winter 2006)
Episode Three: The Redness of the Drink That Is Not Wine (Spring 2006)
Episode Four: A Moonless Night, A House in Flames (Fall, 2006)
Episode Five: Even Worms Will Not Feast on Such Foul Meat (Winter, 2007)

The Bryant-Lake Bowl


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