Past Productions

2014 Season
Dreams of the Rarebit Fiend
The Surgeon
God Rest Ye Scary Gentlemen 3

2013 Season
The Diamond Lens
God Rest Ye Scary Gentlemen 2

2012 Season
Steampunk Delusions
God Rest Ye Scary Gentlemen

2011 Season
Style, Not Sincerity

2010 Season
Weird Tales for Halloween

2009 Season
Beautiful Stories for Ugly Children
She: Immortal Witch Queen of a Lost World

2008 Season
The Witch
Johnny Bocca’s Sex Farce for Swingin’ Lovers
Absolute Pulp: Trashy Stories from Cheap Magazines

2007 Season
London After Midnight Episode V
The Savage Joy of Breaking Things
Around the World in 80 Days in Under 60 Minutes
The Dark Side of the Brothers Grimm

2006 Season
A Princess of Mars
The Gospel According to Saint Mark
The Clammy Hand of Nightmare Returns
Dancing Rats and Vampire Moms
London After Midnight Episodes II, III & IV

2005 Season
The Sea-Wolf
The Moon Falls into Ruin
The Clammy Hand of Nightmare
London After Midnight Episode I

2004 Season
Behind a Mask
Murder at the Abbey Grange

2003 Season
Dr. Ox’s Experiment
The Nose and other Mind-Boggling Stories
The Good Parts: A Celebration of Literary Sex

2002 Season
Scary Christmas: Haunted Tales for the Holiday Season