The Surgeon


      In this original script (not an adaptation), a surgeon is entrapped by a vengeance-seeking figure from his past and an underground community of sufferers from Body Integrity Identity Disorder, a condition that causes people to want parts of their bodies amputated. (Yes, it’s a real thing.) Having taken one small initial step, the surgeon finds himself blackmailed into continuing. And the situation just keeps getting worse…

Thursday Oct 23 at 11:30pm 

Friday Oct 24 at 7pm

Saturday Oct 25 at 1pm

Tuesday Oct 28 at 7pm

Wednesday Oct 29 at 10pm

Saturday Nov 1 at 10pm

featuring John Haynes, Dawn Krosnowski, and Ariel Leaf

with Lana Rosario, Cody Stewart, Phil Henry, and Sabrina Candreva

written & directed by Steve Schroer

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